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Roland Kuit EMS
Roland Kuit on Buchla 200  Photography-Karin Schomaker


Roland Emile Kuit

Avant - electronic composer | synthesis research | lecturer | sonic art


Bil Smith, composer. Director Laboratorie of New Music NYC. http://www.bilsmith.com/

CEO at Havas /Acumen


“I would best describe Roland Kuit as 'an agent of change'. With that said, he is also a vital renewer of the possibilities that exist within 

the electronic music realm.  In the context of renewal, Roland is blazing new trails in an often overlooked musical genre.  

He defines and refines his craft and yet one can capture evolutionary, revolutionary and disruptive compositional 

methodologies which are stimulating and fulfilling. To be honest, I really am not aware of anyone presently that is doing 

what Roland Kuit is in the compositional realm”.


Enrico Cosimi - docent at Sonic Factory Rome 



“No compromise construction of several highly complex tonalities, with heritage for the golden age of pioneeristic research; 
articulations with respect for dynamics and musical breathing; search for seductive audio sources and in-depth sound generation of elegance and 
digital modular synthesis mastery."


Andrzej Cimała, Post-structural literary theories, 19th-20th century philosophy University of Silesia.

"Roland Kuit's music is basically the difference between composers and melody makers.
Amazing work!"



Niets Concreet
solo expo Tineke Porck at Ars Aemula Naturae, Leiden

Concert with Roland Kuit: Kyma and Karin Schomaker: Visuals

27-04-2016 23.00 hours C.E.T.

The Game Changers #2

A portrait of Carla Scaletti at Electronic Frequencies

Carla Scaletti



VEMS: Kulturnatt Stockholm

Cultuurnacht Stockholm

Eryck Abcassis & Lars Åkerlund, Christophe Aslanian/CORA, Svante Bodin, Lars Bröndum, Magdalena Dlugosz, Ewert Ekros, Eva Erbenius, Jarl Hammarberg & Sonja Åkesson,
Helene Hedsund, Sten-Olof Hellström, Pär Johansson, KNYST, Roland Emile Kuit, Marsel Nichan, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Jocke Roséen, Ann Rosén, Roberta Settels, Fredric
Thurfjell, Tamas Ungvary, Lennart Westman, Magnus Widesheim, Knut Wiggen, Lidia Zielińska


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