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The term sonic researcher best describes advance music and sound art composer Roland Emile Kuit. Via research, exploration and experiment he is pushing the electroacoustic field to new boundaries. His output spans composition through sound art, sound-architectural installations, collaborations with experimental artists, designers and scientists and acousmatic performances. Available at Donemus Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music. First Dutch Electroacoustic music composer with his music into space by NASA's mission OSIRIS-REx launched September 8 2016.

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donemusRoland Kuit - Museum Kampa
Bil Smith, composer. Director Laboratorie of New Music NYC. CEO at Havas /Acumen 

“I would best describe Roland Kuit as "an agent of change".  

With that said, he is also a vital re-newer of the possibilities that exist within the electronic music realm.  In the context of renewal, Roland is blazing new trails in an often overlooked musical genre.  He defines and refines his craft and yet one can capture evolutionary, revolutionary and disruptive compositional methodologies which are stimulating and fulfilling. To be honest, I really am not aware of anyone presently that is doing what Roland Kuit is in the compositional realm”.

Enrico Cosimi Professor of Music. Bachelor in Media Technology and Communication Faculty of Mathematical,
Physical and Natural Sciences University of Rome “Tor Vergata”:

"Many years ago, Stockhausen said something about the complex role of the electronic music composer; new music requires new tasks for organizing notes in music and building sounds for notes. Micro and macro composition is, maybe, the most appropriate way to define the complex music of Roland Kuit. No-compromise construction of several highly complex tonalities, with heritage for the golden age of pionieristic research; articulations with respect for dynamics and musical breathing; search for seductive audio sources and in-deepth sound generation of elegance and digital modular synthesis mastery."

Roland Emile Kuit

Electronic music, Avant garde

According to the principles of Neoplasticism, Roland Emile Kuit engages in research as a ‘sound architect’. Balancing on the interface between research, architecture, music, sound art and space


Landscapes of a Voice
Roland Emile Kuit

Electroacoustic music, avant garde

Trajectories and migrations in the vocal tangled spectra


101955 Bennu
Roland Emile Kuit

Electroacoustic music, experimental

A gift to the Universe, a free Earth download here

Roland Emile Kuit

Electroacoustic, Experimental, Avant garde

Articulations in stone

Donemus here
CVDR 220

Bi - sonic (2CD)
Roland Emile Kuit

Electroacoustic music
How to deconstruct a bicycle into sine- and cosine sound waves?
Real-time spectral analysis, FFT, IFFT, spectral blurring, phase and frequency shifts of bicycle sounds are constructing a three dimensional sonic world whereby different algorithms  produce a trajectory as a journey in stages.

Re-Cyclic Sound Objects can be enjoyed intrinsic or using a CD or other music-player set in shuffle-mode to get every time a different CD (audio) trajectory.

Donemus here
CVDR 217/218


Nanophonic similarities
Roland Emile Kuit

Electroacoustic music, Electronic music

Atomicic ways in the Buchla 200
ecorded at Stockholm's legendary Elektronmusikstudion EMS

Donemus here
CVDR 216

Tectonic Articulations of Colour
Roland Emile Kuit

Modular synthesizer, Electronic music

Timbral planes with the Buchla 200
ecorded at Stockholm's legendary Elektronmusikstudion EMS

Donemus here
CVDR 215

Piano Restructures
Roland Emile Kuit

Avant garde, experimental music

The spectral piano

Donemus here
CVDR 211

Roland Emile Kuit

Experimental music, Avant garde

Donemus here
CVDR 206

Ars Modular Musica III
Roland Emile Kuit

Experimental, Avant garde

Modular Mastery

Donemus here
CVDR 205

Ars Modular Musica II
Roland Emile Kuit

Avant garde, Experimental music

Modular Mastery

Donemus here
CVDR 204

Ars Modular Musica I
Roland Emile Kuit

Avant garde, Modular synthesizer

Modular Mastery

Donemus here
CVDR 203

abstract flute music
Roland Emile Kuit

Experimental, Flute music

Donemus here
CVDR 201

meditations for flute
Roland Emile Kuit

Avant garde Flute

Donemus here
CVDR 200

new chamber music
Roland Emile Kuit

Avant garde music

Physically modeled string quartets

Donemus here
CVDR 207


One Piece for two Imaginary Piano's
Roland Emile Kuit

Avant garde, Piano

At IFAR's Avant Garde
Various artists  
This is Tomorrow Calling

New Music

At Demerara Records
Various Artists

hmv digital


Roland Kuit Studio Electronic Music
Photography by Karin Schomaker
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