Laboratory of Patching
Illustrated Compendium of Modular Synthesis
author: Roland Kuit

Part I

Synthesis I

Audio frequency (AF)Oscillators
The sine waveform
The triangular waveform
The sawtooth waveform
The square waveform
The square and pulse waveform
The noise oscillator
A sweep in a high and a
lowpass filter serial circuit
Static Filter
Static Low Pass
Static Band Pass
Static High Pass
Static Filter Serial
Static Filter Parallel
Classic Filter
The Nord Filter
The Multi Filter
Bandpass Phaser
The Comb Filter
One comb
Control- and modulation signals
The Keyboard Voice module
The Mono Key module
The Constant module
The Low Frequency Oscillator
The LFO trianglewave
The LFO sawtoothwave
The LFO squarewave
The LFO random wave
The LFO random glide
The LFO random pulsewave
The LFO random glide pulse
The Envelope Generator
Four-stage ADSR
Various Shape settings of the ADSR
Logarithmic Attack and Exponential Decay/Release
Linear Attack and Exponential Decay/Release
Exponential Attack and Decay/Release
Linear Attack and Decay/Release
The Decay Envelope
The Hold Envelope
Stereo Hold
The ADR Envelope
Restart tricks
The envelope loop
The ADDSR Envelope
ADDSR envelope negative inverted
Amplitude modulation of the EG module
The Keyboard module
The LevScaler module
The Mod Envelope
Our first synthesizer
More EG applications
Delayed tremolo
Delayed Tremolo and vibrato
Shape and phase with the Pulse waveform
The Dual oscillator
The Shape A oscillator
From sine to sawtooth
From a sine- to square waveform
The Lag or Glide module
The postponed delayed vibrato
The Min-Max module
Pseudo-unison triangle waves
The Noise Oscillator
Creating a filter matrix
Filter modulated by audio
The percussion oscillator
Rebuilding an analogue synthesizer
The Minimoog
The Korg MS 20
The ARP 2600
The EMS Synthi

Synthesis II

Additive synthesis
Sinusoidal Modelling
Building an instrument
Additive way for filter stacking
The Formant
Formant oscillator
Violin formant
Sync formant
Vocal filter
Talking patch
Additive synthesis and AM
FM synthesis
Bessel function
Frequencies and ratio's
Bessel scaling factors
FM architectures
Self-modulating carrier
Complex FM structures
The DX operator module
FM and Sync
The DX 21
The DX 7
Oscillator Sync
Hard sync
Soft sync
Pulse train and formants
extended Vosim
Creating an instrument
Phase distortion
FM and phase modulation
Creating waveforms
Modulating the phase
Modulation index
Cross Modulation
x-mod and filtering
Pseudo Wave-table synthesis
Envelope controlled multiplexers
Wave scanning
Physical Modelling
Modal synthesis
Creating instruments
Controlling feedback
Wave-guide Synthesis
Phase-lock loop
Soft sync PLL
Wave terrain synthesis
Two-variable synthesis
Wave orbit
Wavetable synthesis
Granular synthesis
Snippets and movement

Sample & Hold

S/H and random pitch modulation
S/H and random filter modulation
Tonality and S/H
The S/H and random panorama modulation
S/H and random sync modulation
S/H for gain (Envelope) modulation
Control inputs for the S/H
S/H module in a Logic circuit
S/H module as control for a Gate
Complex examples
Melodic control
The S/H module and audio signals
Serial and parallel S/H modules
Control Sampling
Duo sampling
Audio applications
Phase lock
Other triggering
Counted S/H stack
Special Structures
Open loop
Switch loops
S/H and logic
S/H as composition tool

Amplitude and Ring modulation

The Level Multiplier
The Level Modulator
The Modulation Amount module
Amplitude Modulation
Amplitude control
Ring modulation and sidebands
Two tone tests
RM and metal sounds
The Ring Modulator creating tremolos
The Ring Modulator to create an echo effect
Complex timbre examples
Wrapped sine waveforms
RM morphing

AM and RM
RM and Sync
AM-RM and FM
RM and filtering
RM and control signals
RM and Logic
Classic RM

Logic I

Simple Gates
Half adders
Combinational logic
Full adders
The Flip-flop module
D-type Flip-flop
S-type Flip-flop
Sequential Logic
The Logic Divider module
Keyed triggers switches
other examples
The Logic Pulse module
The Logic Delay module
The BinCounter module
Creating a shuffle model
Few ideas
Logic and Audio
Logic as audio
Autonomous logic oscillators

Dance/Techno I

The Clock module
The Event Sequencer
The Pattern Generator
Trigger and pitch control
The Sequencer
Trigger and pitch control
Creating a melodic drum line
Creating chord patterns
Timing control
Creating a drum set
Using various forms of synthesis
Reset Slices
Phase differences
Coloring sound
Big examples
Percussion synth
Bass Synth
Drum Synth
Chord Synth

Dance/Techno II

Pitch & Rhythm
The Level Sequencer
The 32-steps Sequencer
172-steps Sequencer
Triggering by key
The Snare Machine
The Hihat Machine
The Percussion Machine
Complex trigger switching
Expanding timing possibilities
Random triggering
Creating Swing
The Random Trig module
The Shuffle block
Extended for- and backwards sequencing
Individual logic triggering
Triggering and multiplexers
Logic Delay and phase
Creating Delay slices
Creating Granular fx
The Randomizer
Famous Machines
JomoX XBase
Waldorf Attack
The TTool
Pearl Syncussion
New Skool
BassLine Pro

Experimental music

A-tonal and tonal examples
Reich and Cage like examples
Feedback composition
Creating color and manipulating feedback lines
Conceptual Sound
Daily Noises(electronic remakes)
Noise-,screak- and crackle machines
Examples with phasing, RM, Resonators etc.
Music Machines

Audio Processing I

The Clip module examples
The Overdrive module examples
The Saturation module examples
Rectifier examples
The WaveWrap module examples
The Static Shaper module examples
Ring Modulation
Carrier-modulators circuits
Single Side band suppressed carrier modulator
The Frequency shift module
The Pitch Shift module
The Scratch module
The Reverb module
Delay modules
Static Single Delay module
Inverted feedback examples
Single Delay with modulation
Acoustical movement
Dual Delay line
Creating a Flanger
Creating a phase tremolo
The Quad Delay module
Broadening sound
Creating a Reverb
The Delay Eight module
modulating delay time examples
The Clocked Delay module
Creating a resonator
Echo effects
Clocked and other constructed
Delay examples
Combinational FX
Gain manipulation
Differential distortion
Tee Bee distortion
Logic and distortion
Logic ADC Fasor
Logic bits switcher
Bit Eater
More examples
Complex Audio processing
Filter Matrix
Various sequenced FX
PLL Vocoder
Sherman Bank
Glitch FX

Tips and tricks

For oscillators
Creating Noise
Fatter sound
LFO trickery
ADSR circuits
Different morph curves

Part II


Voice oscillators
DIY constructed vowel oscillators
Noise oscillators
Noise pattern examples
Multiplexed Noise
Creating Noise octaves
Shift Register feedback Noise
Compared Noise
Digital tube Noise
Formant Oscillator
Pattern formant examples
Cascading Pattern formant
Formant modulation
Multiplexed timbre control
Cascading formant with DAConverter
Formant by Sync examples
Formant by phase examples
PWM oscillators
Compare signal experiments
Variable Dual Pulse oscillator
AD converted oscillators
Various experiments
Digital oscillators
Autonomous EG-Logic inverter oscillator
Creating tremolo
Logic trumpet
Logic Perlin Noise oscillators
4-counter oscillators
8-counter oscillators
Compare signal Switches
Shift Register Timbre oscillators
Digital Delayed Clock oscillators
Digital Waveshape oscillators
Digital Duo oscillators
Digital Op-amps
Digital Harmonic oscillator
Logic Self-Sync oscillator
Granular oscillators
Granular Sine blocks
Granular Dual Delay oscillator
Granular Wavetable oscillator
Granular grain length control
Granular Bode Sine blocks
Big granular experiments
Logic oscillations
Logic RM
Logic Shape oscillator
Logic Wave switch oscillator
Logic Formant matrix oscillator
Feedback tests
Sine oscillator
Sawtooth oscillator
Pulse oscillators
Shape oscillators
Pseudo-physical modeling osc
Dual Wavetable with Sync osc's


High-Lowpass by Compare
MinMax filter
Switch filters
4-pole Bandpass
All pass with fb
Sample delayed FB experiments
6-Phase filter
DIY Comb with LFO
Big Comb
Little filterbank
24-Notch filter
8-Channel Filterbank
Serge like equalizing
Phase Delayed filter structures
Comb filter
4-Phase filter
4-Stage filters with delay control
Quadrature filter experiments
4-Stage Logic Delay filters
Logic Delay filters with coefficients
8-Delay filter
Shift register experiments
FIR Filter experiments
8-Stage filter
12-Phase filter
Level converted feedback
Dual Delay filtering
Logic buffer filters
Small logic buffer
Large logic buffer filtering
Large logic buffer with harmonic control
Filter combinations
Clock Delayed 8-Stage filters
Multiplexed buffer mixing
Delay Shift Register tunable coefficients filters
Digital Wavescan filters
Switches and filtering
Shift Register Matrix filtering
Coefficients with switch modules
Coefficients with switch filterbank
Op-Amp filtering
Diverse experiments

Logic II

Logic and triggering
Gate variations
Coefficients with switch modules
Gate combinations
Two 4Counters experiments
Flip-flop Logics
D-input trigger experiments
Delayed Q-feedback
EXOR Gate Flip-flop
Cascading Flip-flop experiments
8-Counter S-triggering
D-S Flip-flop architectures
S-Flip-flop Q-compare
Q2 Delayed Flip-flop FB
Logic 4-Counter reset
Gate and Flip-flop FB experiments
Logic feedback
Gate FB experiments
1-Bit equality circuit
Logic Ring-Noise architectures
With modulation
Logic noise with multiplexers
Logic Fun
1-Octave fun
Separate triggering
Triggering in phase degrees
Three NAND gates as D-trigger
Tunable DA Converter as D-input Flip-flop module
With modulations
Multiplexer Gate trigger experiments
Multiplexed switched digital clock rates
Digital clocks with analogue tempo knob
Rate switched digital clock swing
Various experiments
Clocked Logic rhythm
Variable Clock Delay experiments
Logic Delay feedback patterns
Logic and audio
Logic FB audio II experiments
Logic tuning and sequencing
Toggle DA Converter tests
Logic Ramp wave experiments
With reset
Logic ring modulation II
Logic tuning switches
Little logic sequencer architectures
Large logic multiplexing
Logic Birds
8-Counter logic
Logic level controlled clock point Clock trigger
Logic level controlled clock point Clock trigger-
pattern controlled
4-stack triggering pattern modulated
multiplexer experiments
Logic Barber Poles
5-Phase digital Barber Pole Generator
6-Phase digital Barber Pole Generator
Complex Logic
Four 8-Counters, pattern modulated
multiplexers and Logic gate examples
Q1 and Q2 trigger matrix
8-Counter count down
Bin Counter Count Down stack sequencers
Cellular Logic
Switched logic matrix loop examples
Logic Sequencers
Bin Counter, gates DA Converter examples
Logic Sequencer with different Logic gates
Extended logic sequencing experiments
Logic Sequencer with static note and trigger switching
Logic Sequencer with static note and trigger switches
and flexible multiplexer
Multiplexer module to switch between logic gate types
The Big Logic Sequencer with inversion

Patterns and Sequencers

LFO based patterns
8-LFO-DA Converter pattern examples
Phase counters
Compare level breaks
LFO sequencing with Min-Max module
LFO-Flip-flop sequencer experiments
LFO controlled tunable patterns
Little pattern structures
Min-Max pattern experiments
Complex shaped patterns
Tunable random Sample & Hold pattern
Delayed pattern trigger and resets experiments
Clock Delayed pattern FB examples
Pattern with Shift Register delayed feedback using
a multiplexer module
Dual multiplexed patterns
Tuned Logic Chaos patterns
PLL patterns
Q1 and Q2 compared Phase-lock loop patterns
In degrees synced phase pattern
Random in degrees synced triggering
Flip-flops and patterns
Flip-flop Q2 Reset
S Flip-flop level trigger using a Multiplexer module
With feedback Logic Gates
Cascading D-S Flip-flop Sequencers
8-Counter Flip-flop Resetting
8-Counter Flip-flop reset pattern
Feedback counted pattern
D Flip-flop pattern Clocked Delayed D input
S Flip-flop pattern Clocked Delayed D input Value Switch
Clock Delayed pattern controls Multiplexer
8-Step sequencing
Multiplexer pattern
8-Step tunable Sequencer examples
8-Step patterns
Examples 1-9
8-step tunable patterns with skip
8-Counter triggering
8-Counter triggering with divided Q1 Reset
8-Counter triggering with divided Q2 Reset Pulse
length modulation
Q1 and Q2 XOR gated
Clock Delayed Reset examples
Decrement pattern experiment
10-Decrement Counter
Up-Down tuned Pattern
8-Counter Switch trigger Up-Down tuned Patterns
Pattern modulated multiplexers
Mux pattern examples
Clock shuffle with Delay Shift Register
module architectures
Clock shuffle architecture with eight Clocked Delay modules
AD/DA converters and patterns
AD-DA converter triggering
AD-DA converter tunings
AD converted Flip-flop patterns
On-Off DA converter
BinCounter pattern
Clocked Delay-DA Converter tuning
DA Logic and Clock Delayed converter pattern
Klee Pattern Registry Shifted Sequencers
Bin Counter module and patterns
Bin Counter triggering with pulse length modulation
Bin Counter level compared trig resetting
Complex triggering
Level Compare and XOR gate retriggering
Level Compare and OR gate pattern modulated
Logic pulse width retrigger examples
Logic XOR Stack triggering
Logic Stack trigger experiments
DA converted 8-Counter multiplexed stacks
Sequencer/Pattern combination triggering
Pattern modulated delayed trigger examples
Pattern based Mux trigger examples
DA patterns
On-off note experiments
Complex switch architectures
ON-OFF DA converter Sequencers
ON-OFF DA converter with 4-Switch Sequencers
With different logic gates


Oscillator sync sound by Wave Wrap module
Soft sync with Rectifier modules
Oscillator synced by two oscillators
Masked Sync
Min-Max Sync
Pseudo sync by a Value Switch module
Bi-state sync
FM jump sync
Phase sync experiments
Unipolar FM modulation
FM pulverized
FM Sync pulverized
Frequency modulation with Control Sequencer as
amplitude modulator
With an extra phase pointer
Harmonic echo
FM and color shaping
FM color shape as pseudo RM
FM feedback with phase delay experiments
Combed FM
FM feedback with phase delay
FM feedback with Sample&Hold
FM Softsync
FM Sync
Rectified phase modulator
FM Timbre phasing examples
Quadrature FM experiments
LFO and EG modules
Digitized LFO
Shaped LFO
Shaped LFO Min-Max
Digital LFO Ramp examples
Envelope tricks
D-Rhino Envelope Generator
Granular envelope generator
Invert Switch
Invert Switch with Rectifier
LFO 4-Switch
Positive-negative LFO switch with Diode
Tuning switch
Formant switch
Logic Noise Octaves
Logic Noise Octave switch
Ring Modulation
All kinds of experiments
From rectified phase RM to
Walsh ring modulation
Other Sync
AM/RM Sync
Ring Mod delay feedback with Sync
Ring Mod delay feedback with Sync color
FM-PLL experiments
Phase lock loop sync experiments
1-osc PLL experiments
Phase lock loop lookup table
Shape Sync
Synced by Shaper Sync VOSIM
Harder Sync
X-mod Sync

Shapers and Audio

Pseudo stereo
Pseudo stereo by inversion
Kishii & Noro pseudo stereo circuit
Pseudo stereo by inverted mixing with Delay
Pseudo stereo one channel Time Delay
Double Delay module pseudo stereo with inversion
Pseudo stereo by opposite controlled Delay modules

Interesting experiments
Spectral Stereo processing
Two Lag modules for right-left filtering
Low-Band Pass/High Pass filtering
Low Pass/Band-High Pass filtering
Low-Band Pass/High Pass ring modulated filtering
Low Pass/Band-High Pass ring modulated filtering
Bremmers Shelve filtering
Bremmers Shelve random modulated filtering
Stereo Comb filter
Stereo by Filter Banks
Rectified feedback Distortion
Double feedback distortion experiments
Wave Wrapped rectified feedback distortion
Saturated waveform double rectified
Double rectified wave wrapped feedback distortion
Asymmetric processing
Min-Max, A-input
Min-Max output shaped differently
Formant Min-Max
Min-Max different shaped rectified
input experiments
Min-Max double shaping
Min-Max echo damping
Min-Max as octavider
The phasebrato effect
Asymmetric FM
FM with asymmetric clipping
Rectified FM
Asymmetric rectified exponential FM
Asymmetric rectified saturated FM
More experiments
Asymmetric rectified exponential
FM with Min-Max module mix
Wave shaping with Delay modules
Preset Resonator
Pre-set Resonator with keyboard modulation
Wave shape by Delay module-audio used as modulation signal
Level converted modulation signal
With feedback
Modulated Delay time processing by multiplexing
Granular by modulated Delay line
Logic shapers
How to shape logic
Building a logic Resonator
Phase structure
Compare to Signal feedback phase sync
Cosbell shape rectified with single delay modulated phase experiments
DIY Pulse by LFO modulated Delay feedback phase
Flange structures
Quad Delay flange
Quad Delay flange with Shift Register module
Phaser architectures
Asymmetrical phasing
Dual asymmetrical phasing
Fat phaser model
Vocal filter phasing
Modal phaser structure
6-Stage phaser with offset
Modal super phaser
All Pass phaser model
Extended phaser
Comb phaser
Comb phaser I&II with chorus
Digital phaser architectures
Dual Quad Delay phaser
Barber Pole phaser with four in degrees synced LFO's
6-Stage Barber Pole phaser by feedback Delay modules
6-Stage digital Barber pole
Digital Bode phaser
Tuning digital Bode phaser architectures
Sync Phasing by degrees experiments
Matrix architectures
Delay Matrix
Matrix phaser
Vactrollic phaser
Op-Amp phaser experiments
Four phase phaser
Four phase phasers with delay lines

Audio processing II

Min-Max architectures
Exponential inversion experiments
Min-Max Dry-Wet Comb Delay
Min-Max Dry-Wet Comb Delay with presets
Delay architectures
Damping circuit
Small Delay
Small digital delay
Color Dverb
Color random delay
Delay's with patterns
Digital delay's with patterns
Bin-Counter Clocked Delay stack
Big delay by Delay Shift Registers and Multiplexers
Multiplexer Echo
18-Digital random delay lines matrix
20-Digital random delay lines delay matrix
Delay lines with triggered random Multiplexers
Pattern modulated Multiplexer Delay lines
Multiplexer delay by Shift Register modules
Multiplexer delay by Shift Register modules
with LFO clocked Pattern Generator
Min-Max delay damping
Min-Max digital delay damping
Stereo Min-Max delay damping
Digital Min-Max delay damping with presets
Min-Max delay with phase shift
Scanned Feedback modulated Delay Shifter
Filter banks
3-Way filtering
Filter bank with modal resonators
Modal resonators modulated
Resonant Neurons
Filter bank with coefficients
Filter bank with coefficients and phase
Building a mall harmonizer
Small harmonizer with extra oscillator tuning
Quadrature architecture
Sync phase processing
Digital sync phase processing with tuning
Distortion structures
Analogue Feedback
Digital distortion by bit-muting
Sample Rating structures
Bit Eater with Digital to Analogue Converter
Shaping the audio
Audio convulsion
Audio-Wavetable by sequencer
Audio-Wavetable by pattern generator
Audio-Wavetable by pattern generator with bit-eater
Bit Eater with On/Off knobs
Complex controlled Echo
Delay time control by Sequencer controlled
multiplexer experiments
FX sequencer controlled multiplexer
FX sequencer controlled multiplexer
with Switch Matrix
Delay shuffling with a LFO module
Drum mashing examples
Mashing by Shift Register delay lines
Glitch architectures
RND and pattern modulated feedback Comb filter
Differential Distortion
Glitch with digital distortion
Clock Delay with Shift register Delay
and pattern controlled multiplexer
Double Glitch
Double Glitch with multiplexed FX section
Glitch Bank with FX Matrix

And much more.....

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