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Roland Emile Kuit

composer | sonologist | sonic art
| research | lecturer  
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Photography by Karin Schomaker (working on Buchla 200 @ EMS)

The term sonic researcher best describes modern music composer Roland Emile Kuit. Via research, exploration and experiment he is pushing the electroacoustic field to new boundaries.
His output spans composition through sound art, sound-architectural installations, collaborations with experimental artists, designers and scientists and acousmatic performances.
Available at Donemus Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music
. First Dutch Electroacoustic music composer with his music into space by NASA's mission OSIRIS-REx.
3 y 4 Diciembre, 2016

Festival Internacional de Música Experimental en Vallecas, Sonikas XIV

C.C. Lope de Vega madridRoland Kuit and Karin Schomaker at Sonokas

La decimocuarta edición de Sonikas tendrá lugar en el Centro Cultural Lope de Vega que está situado en el barrio de Entrevías.

World premiere Landscapes of a Voice by Roland Kuit, 2016

Roland Kuit - Kyma | Karin Schomaker - Visuals

Centro Cultural Lope de Vega. Madrid, Spain

Madrid Abierto

Roland Kuit Madrid

The Eight Nerve:

Landscapes of a Voice by Roland Emile Kuit




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