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Modular synthesis

Sonic artist Roland Emile Kuit.
Photography by Karin Schomaker

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"I believe in ideas. I translate concepts into unique, immersive sonic experiences." - Roland Kuit, 1st Dutch composer with sonic art in space on board of the NASA OSIRIS-Rex mission 

Roland Emile Kuit is known for his 3D architectural sonic constellations performed in the Rietveld Pavilion, Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo / Sonic art for the NASA OSIRIS-Rex mission / Concert for Tomas Rajlich Museum Kampa – The Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation, Prague / The International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Soundlines of Contemporary Art“ Aram Khachaturian Museum. Yerevan, Armenia / 1° Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea “Atemporánea ” 2019 Buenos Aires, Argentina / International Festival for experimental music Sound Around Kaliningrad 2020, National Center for Contemporary Arts Kaliningrad, Russia / Monograph Roland Kuit Radio Arte Italia / MONUMENTUM – sonic monument for the victims who died as a result of the COV-19 pandemic. Publications in art magazines l’Orbe and Avenue Magazine, Sound On Sound Magazine, Cinquecolonne Magazine and WIRED.

Roland Emile Kuit lectures, performs/exhibits at universities, art galleries, museums and creative hubs in Europe, U.S.A., Asia, Russia and the Baltic States.
Featured Sonic Artist at DONEMUS - Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music.


2022.05.17 ongoing project

Museum EICAS: UKRAINE SONIC SPACE - Roland Emile Kuit



Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022. The invasion was internationally condemned as an act of aggression by the United Nations. 

War in Ukraine. The unthinkable is happening in Europe: the Lives of millions of people are affected directly or indirectly by this war on a global scale. As an artist, Roland feels the need to respond with sonic art against these acts of barbarism in Ukraine. The expression of sound is closest to Roland's artistry, and he therefore decided to create a neo-Dadaistic concept by making experimental sound collages from edited recordings from Ukraine. This processing is done with the Kyma system – a supercomputer for sound synthesis and sample manipulation. The result are landscapes, formed by sound spectra from, among other things, existing war reportage, as a commentary. Roland tilts these spectra and crosses this data from the three-dimensional fields that have now arisen. This can be in a chaotic way or based on algorithmic structures. In addition, these sound spectra are a metaphor for escape routes in a war world that we can perceive as sound trajectories moulded into binaural audio sculptures. Roland will supplement this project with sonic art based on current events in Ukraine.


Museum EICAS
Polstraat 6a
7411 KB Deventer, The Netherlands


2022.09.19 - 2022.09.24

Installations - Sound Art - Audiovisual Work:

Musica Contemporanea
Interdisciplinary Creations at Conservatorio Superior de Música Ástor Piazzollay, Buenos Aires

2022.09.28 23h C.E.T.

Networks as model for sound creation

Produced by Roland Kuit

2022.08.24 23h C.E.T.

Sculptures as SONIC SPACES | Dedicated to Rudi van de Wint

Roland Emile Kuit recorded sound impulses of the sculptures of Rudi van de Wint with contact microphones. The impulses were used to create sonic textural forms. These textural forms are reflecting the dialogues with the open air surroundings at the Nollen. Till the 22th of October you can find the retroperspective exhibition of Rudi van der Wint at the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar:

Produced by
Roland Kuit



Presentation Acoustic Interiors at The Institute for Sonology

Creating sonic portraits of the two buildings between which the Royal Conservatoire is currently transitioning: the old one at Juliana van Stolberglaan 1, a building full of stories, and the brand new Amare, an almost empty building at Spuiplein 150.

Which sounds in the old busy building would you like to preserve? Which sounds from Amare would you like to capture before it gets busy there? And after the old building has been abandoned, which spaces would you like to revisit? 

Royal Conservatoir The Hague
Spuiplein 150 The Hague
The Netherlands

Read more about Acoustic Interiors:



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